Wednesday, November 11, 2015

how to track a cell phone

It must be acknowledged: all have had at not finding the keys. Well because we have lost them in the street or we have forgotten them to us in the office either because upon entering the House, charged with the purchase and thinking in I the revulsion of the working day, we left them in the first place that we pillase hand without that then we could remember for sure where we had left it.
phone tracker
To avoid these episodes of amnesia and those who simply are a real disaster with the keychain, briefcase or backpack there are alternatives such as Wistiki.

Wistiki is a tiny gadget that basically serves as a dwarf GPS. It works with Bluetooht Low Energy, that autonomy and lengthens the service life of the battery, which lasts about a year. You can place it well in your keychain, one strap of your backpack or even your cat's collar or on your dog, if it is not they are stirred.

The device weighs just eight grams of weight, so it is imperceptible. The company that manufactures it sells it through the web for 25 euros. It is compatible with devices from Android 4.4 and its application is available on Google Play.

If you move too far, pita!

The application has frankly interesting features. It provides a way in which you will receive a notice on the smartphone if you are away too much of the object in question, something ideal if you go whistling office and you have left you the keys of the House on the table.

Which Android Wear lets you blow your mobile phone, from your smartphone with the application can make sound Wistiki to help you in that moment of total despair. From a phone you can control up to ten different units. Finally, the gadget, which has global coverage, appears constantly designated on the map of the app and has a radar indicator.

The suspicion of assaulting a Spanish tourist in the central coast of Nahuel Huapi Lake was arrested Saturday in public street by personnel of the Brigade of investigations of the police station second that I locate it following the GPS of the Iphone that I stole. The victim, 59, was approached by two individuals that removed you, in addition a 1900 dollars and euros worth of 5,800 pesos.

Commissioner Osvaldo Tellería, in charge of the procedure, told "DeBariloche" that the young man was intercepted passes the 10: 30, in Brown and Sáenz Peña, when it was on a motorbike and attempted to circumvent the actions of police officers who pursued him throughout several blocks following the signal of the GPS with a cell phone of the latest generation.
track phone
When the young, 29, was locked up he tried to draw a revolver caliber 38 which had among their clothes but did not use it against troops, who managed to lock it and reduce it, in a coordinated persecution. The detainee, known within the criminal environment which was transitory output of the criminal, wearing a full magazine of the heavy caliber weapon he carried and mobile equipment stolen from the tourists of 59 years, approximately 40 thousand pesos, tickets by value to determine.

The victim was taken aback by the suspect and another person around the 15 on Friday, when he walked along the coast at the height of Onelli, and was threatened with a blunt object that hand over valuables that wore, which amounted to 1900 dollars, 250 euros, about 500 pesos, tickets of travelers and the Iphone. They also stole documents that were not yet found.

Behind the woman filed the respective denunciation in the police who began the search for the perpetrators of theft tracking mobile equipment GPS signal.